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#243: Dual cover tree traverser is quite slow
  Reporter:  rcurtin                                        |        Owner:  rcurtin     
      Type:  defect                                         |       Status:  accepted    
  Priority:  major                                          |    Milestone:  mlpack 1.0.4
 Component:  mlpack                                         |   Resolution:              
  Keywords:  cover tree, dualtreetraverser, neighborsearch  |     Blocking:              
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Comment (by rcurtin):

 This is the prune which is not being done by our tree:

 inline bool shell(float parent_query_dist, float child_parent_dist, float
   return parent_query_dist - child_parent_dist <= upper_bound;
   //    && child_parent_dist - parent_query_dist <= upper_bound;

 It is called when descending the reference cover set.  The bound can prune
 without evaluating the base case of a child.

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