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#241: build mlpack-1.0.1 failed at ubuntu 10.04
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 I can't reproduce this with cmake 2.8.9.  Can I get the following
 information to try and troubleshoot this a little further?

 - `dpkg -s libarmadillo3`
 - `dpkg -s libarmadillo-dev`
 - `dpkg -s cmake`
 - `dpkg -s cmake-data`
 - `cat /etc/issue`
 - `cat /usr/include/armadillo_bits/arma_version.hpp`
 - `cat /etc/apt/sources.list`
 - `cat /usr/local/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindArmadillo.cmake`

 If I can see those files I think I can figure out the issue.  With stock
 Armadillo 3.2.4 and CMake 2.8.9-rc1 (out of the Debian sid repository) a
 clean configuration does not seem to have that issue.  I also don't see
 CMake 2.8.9 in the Ubuntu 10.04 repositories; but it looks like you've
 configured and installed that by hand since it is living in /usr/local/.

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