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#236: Prefix names for executables?
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Comment (by nslagle):

 A single executable would be fine so long as we dynamically load the
 functionality of particular modules (contrasted with one enormous static
 library containing everything.)  Unfortunately, command-line users lose
 autocompletion (as far as I know).

 A downside to prefixing executable names with '''mlpack_''' is the
 complication of autocompletion, though at least the feature remains
 available.  We could consider postfixing, of course, though users might
 not know where to look for a list of available modules.  (See the comment

 If the usage convention evolves to a GUI, we could name the modules
 anything we want, though an internal convention of shared names between
 the displayed module name and the shared library containing the module's
 functionality would be helpful.

 Either path herds the various modules under the name '''mlpack''',
 probably a good thing.

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