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#104: Tree building procedures should allow ignoring certain dimensions
  Reporter:  rcurtin                        |        Owner:  rcurtin   
      Type:  enhancement                    |       Status:  new       
  Priority:  minor                          |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
 Component:  FASTLIB                        |   Resolution:            
  Keywords:  tree ignore dimension kd-tree  |     Blocking:            
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Changes (by rcurtin):

 * cc: nslagle (added)


 Because the "real" guts (not accessors/mutators) of `BinarySpaceTree`
 really entirely only have to do with building the tree, it is reasonable
 to build this as an entirely new tree class (`FilteredBinarySpaceTree`?)
 as opposed to either of the following options:

  * Split out the filtering into a policy class, so we can have
 `BinarySpaceTree<FilterIndices, ...>` or `BinarySpaceTree<AllIndices,
  * Keep a boolean representing whether or not we are filtering indices and
 then a pointer to a std::vector<size_t> (NULL if the boolean is false).

 But, before someone takes the time to actually implement this type of
 tree, I want to see a case that needs it -- there are more pressing things
 to put our time towards for now.

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