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#167: Different solution for HRectBound::MinDistance(..., std::vector<>)
  Reporter:  rcurtin                             |        Owner:  nslagle   
      Type:  defect                              |       Status:  new       
  Priority:  major                               |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
 Component:  MLPACK                              |   Resolution:            
  Keywords:  bound tree policy template methods  |     Blocking:            
Blocked By:  136                                 |  

Comment (by rcurtin):

 What you're basically suggesting is that we add an additional four methods
 that anyone who wants to implement a bound needs to implement (and I do
 mean need -- it is not an option), and this is a nightmare that the old
 FASTLIB code suffered from.  If you're using policy-based design, it is
 imperative that the policy classes be as simple as possible.

 So, I have a different solution for you:

 class HRectFilteredBound
   HRectFilteredBound(const size_t dimension,
                      const std::vector<size_t>& filter);

    * and all that other good stuff too

   std::vector<size_t>& filter; // Or name it whatever you want.

 Now when you build a tree...

 std::vector<size_t> importantDimensions(3);
 importantDimensions[0] = 2;
 importantDimensions[1] = 56;
 importantDimensions[2] = 111; // Eleventy!
 // The constructor of BinarySpaceTree will need to be modified to take a
 BoundType as a
 // parameter.
 BinarySpaceTree<HRectFilteredBound> b(data, leafSize,

 What I'm saying in the end is that we cannot afford to add to the
 footprint of the Bound policy class, at almost any cost, and this
 situation does not warrant adding an additional four methods.

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