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#150: inappropriate mixture of interfaces
  Reporter:  nslagle                                                                                               |        Owner:  rcurtin   
      Type:  defect                                                                                                |       Status:  accepted  
  Priority:  major                                                                                                 |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
 Component:  MLPACK                                                                                                |   Resolution:            
  Keywords:  neighbor_search, mog, emst, fastica, svm, regression, nnsvm, mvu, interfaces, command line interface  |     Blocking:            
Blocked By:                                                                                                        |  
Changes (by rcurtin):

  * owner:  => rcurtin
  * status:  new => accepted


 This ticket can be resolved once `PARAM_*` statements appear only in
 `_main.cpp` files.  BinarySpaceTree no longer uses CLI internally (as of
 r10461).  Here are the remaining places this needs to be fixed:

  * `mlpack::optimizer::LBFGS`
  * `mlpack::fastica::FastICA`
  * `mlpack::nca::NCA`
  * `mlpack::neighbor::NeighborSearch`
  * `mlpack::nbc::SimpleNaiveBayesClassifier`
  * `mlpack::gmm::GMM`

 There may be a couple other instances here or there.

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