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#164: Standardized concept for class output to Log
 Reporter:  rcurtin   |        Owner:                                         
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 Priority:  major     |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0                             
Component:  MLPACK    |     Keywords:  mlpack output model type consistent api
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 Should we have something like this?

 class GMM // just an example
   // ...
   std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&);

 That is, should we provide consistent interfaces to output an entire model
 to the display?  It seems like it could be unnecessary and unwieldy for
 large datasets and models, but we should decide on whether we should
 simply eliminate output functions (forcing the user to send things to
 stdout or Log::<whatever>) so we can decide what to do with the several
 output functions floating around the code.

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