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#126: Implement simple PCA
  Reporter:  rcurtin                           |        Owner:  ajinkya   
      Type:  wishlist                          |       Status:  assigned  
  Priority:  major                             |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
 Component:  MLPACK                            |   Resolution:            
  Keywords:  pca kernel_pca covariance method  |     Blocking:  47        
Blocked By:                                    |  

Comment (by rcurtin):

 Before we get to that, can you reformat the code so it follows the
 NewStyleGuidelines?  The tabbing seems very weird on the files you
 submitted.  Additionally, there are no comments documenting the class (see
 neighbor_search for a decent example) and the code isn't const-correct,
 i.e. it is currently

 void Apply(arma::mat& coeff, arma::mat& score, arma::mat& data)

 when it should really be (const arguments first)

 void Apply(const arma::mat& data, arma::mat& coeff, arma::mat& score)

 I have some comments about the API too but fix the spacing/tabbing,
 comments, and const-correctness and we can get to that next.


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