[mlpack-svn] [MLPACK] #150: inappropriate mixture of interfaces

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Thu Dec 1 23:16:07 EST 2011

#150: inappropriate mixture of interfaces
  Reporter:  nslagle                                                                                               |        Owner:  rcurtin   
      Type:  defect                                                                                                |       Status:  closed    
  Priority:  major                                                                                                 |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
 Component:  MLPACK                                                                                                |   Resolution:  fixed     
  Keywords:  neighbor_search, mog, emst, fastica, svm, regression, nnsvm, mvu, interfaces, command line interface  |     Blocking:  168       
Blocked By:                                                                                                        |  
Changes (by rcurtin):

  * status:  accepted => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 All instances of PARAM_* macros are now entirely with _main.cpp
 executables, so this can be resolved.

Ticket URL: <http://trac.research.cc.gatech.edu/fastlab/ticket/150#comment:22>
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